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Alternative "Stepping Stone" Designs

"Jorty" (From the Wharfedale Forum) has wielded his CAD skills once more and emailed SOS with some alternative ideas to provide a Stepping Stone type crossing for the River Wharfe at Burley-in-Wharfedale.

A picture is shown below or a better view can be downloaded as a GIF image here.

I have reservations about some of the designs which are outlined underneath. Nevertheless, they deserve an airing given the work put in. I am not an engineer and these are only my "lay" opinions.   Jorty is aware of these views.

My reservations concern the "drainpipe and culvert" examples. The concern is that these might be easily swept away when the river is in full flow. They are also unlikely to provide the necessary resistance to stabilise the river bed to prevent "scour" and protect the weir, although The Stones could presumably be left in place and the new system installed alongside.